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Frequently Asked Question – Gyros2go …Questions not addressed send us a message or call us we will take care of you.

What time gyros 2 go restaurant open?

We are open everyday from 11AM to 9PM

Does Gyros 2 go do Catering?

Yes. Gyros 2 go restaurant does catering for just about anything you can think of. We provide authentic greek cuisine or Mediterranean cuisine or Middle Eastern Cuisine.  Catering menu is fully customizable,  you can pick and choose anything you want in our regular menu.  Catering is affordable at gyros2go starting as little as $6 per person.

Do you have any vegetarian options?

Yes. We have falafel and veggie based vegetarian menu options.  Check our filterable menu and select falafel or vegetarian for the full list.

What is your specialty?

Gyros, Kebab are our specialty.We provide authentic greek cuisine or Mediterranean cuisine or Middle Eastern Cuisine. We are proud to offer authentic Chicago style Greek food.  Check out menu for detailed options.

Do you have any low carb menu options

We have a made to order salad menu with gyro, kabab, falafel or straight greek salad. Check out menu for details.

What do we when you parking is full infront of the store?

You can park in any of the space that are not marked in the lot. Check the additional parking lot on the back, there are lot of parking spaces available most of the time.

Can i call in and order?

Yes absolutely. Order your food by calling us @ 425-8805-0605 ahead of time. we will have the food ready for you when you come in.

Is there a place to pickup a wine or beer near by

Yes. Malt and Vine right next door,  check out their webpage.  They have a wide range of craft beer and boutique wines from all over the world.  your favorite beer and wine will be there right next door.

Do you deliver food to Malt and Vine (next door)?

Anytime we are open. Come on in and order the food.  Enjoy your favorite drinks at malt and vine next door.  When the food is ready, we will deliver right to you.

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